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    As security monitoring has gradually become the focus of social needs, the development of security technology has been paid more and more attention by all aspects of society. The previous visible light monitoring can no longer meet people's monitoring requirements, and no light monitoring at night is now an essential part of the monitoring system. Infrared thermal imaging technology creates a pair of "perspective eyes" for monitoring devices, and expands the application range of monitoring. It has been widely used in the fields of fire protection, forest fire prevention, traffic management, key facilities security, airport supervision, warehouse fire warning, intelligent home, intelligent transportation, intelligent medical, smart city and other fields of all-weather and all day monitoring.


    Security monitoring system is a super large and comprehensive management system, it not only need to meet the needs of public security management, urban management, traffic management, emergency command, crime tracking and so on, but also the demand for image monitoring in disaster and accident warning, safety production monitoring and other aspects should be taken into  consideration. In the field of video monitoring, visible light monitoring devices play an extremely important role, but due to the inevitable alternation of day and night and the influence of bad weather, the normal performance of visible light monitoring devices are limited to a certain extent, while the infrared thermal imaging monitoring products just make up for this defect, and it's specially suitable for intrusion prevention in high security level areas.