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  • Thermopile Infrared Temperature Sensor for Smart Home Application

    Air Conditioner

    The intelligent air conditioner using the infrared thermopile sensor is different from the traditional air conditioner. The sensor can be used to detect whether there is heat source in the induction area, so as to control the air outlet direction and air volume according to the actual situation.




    The application of infrared thermopile sensors in the refrigerator, can achieve accurate temperature measurement, has the characteristics of rapid response, can provide the best storage environment for food in the refrigerator.

    Induction Cooker

    The induction cooker with infrared thermopile sensor can measure temperature accurately, which can solve the problem that the traditional induction furnace can not automatically adjust the heating temperature according to the set temperature, and can not achieve accurate temperature control, which results in energy waste and fire easily caused by dry burning.


    Microwave Oven


    The intelligent microwave oven with infrared thermopile sensor is different from the traditional microwave oven. It can adjust the microwave power by measuring the food temperature in real time, so as to achieve high efficiency and energy saving, and ensure the food is more delicious.

    Electric Kettle

    The intelligent electric kettle with infrared thermopile sensor is different from the traditional electric kettle. It can measure the precise temperature of the kettle in real time, prevent dry burning, and save energy by intelligent heating.


    Kitchen Ventilator


    The intelligent kitchen ventilator with infrared thermopile sensor is different from the traditional kitchen ventilator. By measuring the temperature of the boiler in real time, the fan is controlled to improve the absorption rate of oil fume and save energy efficiently.