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  • Demand for temperature measuring parts continues to grow

    Demand for temperature measuring parts continues to grow

      At present, the domestic epidemic situation tends to be stable, but the overseas epidemic situation is further expanding, which has an impact on the global industrial chain, value chain and supply chain. With the spread of the epidemic in the world, as important materials for epidemic prevention, like masks and protective clothing, the demand for medical equipment and materials such as temperature measuring equipment has increased rapidly, and become the most popular products during the epidemic period. According to the previous data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in the past two months, the output of infrared thermometer exceeded that of the whole year of last year. With the increase of orders from oversea, the supply of industrial chain is in a continuous shortage state.


      Affected by the epidemic situation, many manufacturers' overseas orders for epidemic prevention equipment have blowout recently. Manufacturers in the fields of temperature measurement and medical devices all said that they had received more overseas orders recently, including temperature measuring equipment, purifier and monitor, which came from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Due to the sudden increase in overseas demand, medical devices related to COVID-19 detection and treatment continue to be popular, including forehead temperature gun, infrared thermometer, CT imaging equipment and other medical equipment are in short supply. The strong demand in the medical market drives the demand for upstream electronic components to increase significantly.

      According to the current relatively hot infrared thermometer, its components and components mainly include: infrared temperature sensor, MCU, memory, LDO device, power management protector, diode. Infrared temperature sensor is the core component for temperature measurement devices. Among them, the supply and demand of sensors, storage, MCU, signal conditioning and power supply chips are relatively tight. The data show that the demand of thermopile infrared sensor is obvious, accounting for 28%, followed by processor and power chip, accounting for 19% and 15% respectively, and PCB and memory chip account for 12%. Passive components accounted for 8.7%.


      With the epidemic spreading all over the world, many countries are in a state of emergency. With the increasing demand for epidemic prevention equipment at home and abroad, as the manufacturer of thermopile IR sensors and modules, an indispensable key role in the supply chain of temperature measurement equipment, Sunshine Technologies responded to the demand quickly. While fully guaranteeing the demand of customers, we also strengthened the research and development innovation, to provide a reliable core component for non-contact temperature measurement equipment for epidemic prevention and control.

    Post time: Dec-01-2020