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  • Investors Eye Start-Ups In Health Care Sector – Sunshine Technologies

    Investors Eye Start-Ups In Health Care Sector - Sunshine Technologies


      The Global Entrepreneurship Week(Gew) China Station Of 2020 (The 14th) Was Held From November 13 To 18, 2020. Held In 170 Countries, Gew Is One Of The Most Influential Events In The Field Of Global Entrepreneurship. In 2020, Gew-China Will Gather Large Enterprises, Start-Up Service Institutions, Investors And Entrepreneurs To Create 50 + Activities In 6 Days, Gather 1000 + Investors In Shanghai, Unite With 100 + Industry Leading Enterprises, Attract 1000 + Entrepreneurs, And Jointly Create An Offline Financing And Market Docking Platform Focusing On Industries.


      Due To The Impact Of The Epidemic, New Start-Ups In The Healthcare Industry Have Attracted Investors' Attention. Dr. Xu Dehui, Founder Of Sunshine Technologies, Said In a Dialogue Interview, The Demand For Thermopile Infrared Sensors And Sensor Modules Has Increased Sharply Because Of The Epidemic. The Average Monthly Demand Now Is Equivalent To That Of The Past Six Months. While Fully Guaranteeing The Market Demand, We Are Also Constantly Carrying Out r & d Innovation. In The August, We Received Supports From The Ministry Of Science And Technology To Further Improve The Accuracy Of Sensors In Extrem Weather Conditions. In The Future, Our Company Will Continue To Invest In r & d And Contribute To Customers And Society.


      Founded in 2016, Sunshine Technologies is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in technical research, product development, production, sales and providing related technical support and application solutions for MEMS infrared sensors. Sunshine Technologies has not only become the first domestic company to master the core chip technology of smart thermopile infrared sensors, but also the first domestic company that has established a supporting supply chain for product manufacturing. Its smart thermopile infrared sensors have successfully broken the monopoly of foreign products. The company's high-precision infrared sensor has a temperature measurement accuracy of 0.05℃. (Medical temperature measurement accuracy is usually only need ±0.2℃). It adopts independent patent and development technology, and the sensor's environmental temperature detection accuracy is more than 15 times higher than similar foreign products (accuracy increased from 3% or 5% to 0.2%). In addition, the Sunshine's high-precision infrared sensors adopt a more efficient structure design, The light-thermal-electric physical conversion efficiency is one order of magnitude higher than that of similar products abroad. At the same time, the Sunshine's high-precision thermopile infrared sensors are exclusively developed products, and corresponding technical improvements have been made in packaging to meet customers' better manufacturing needs.

      During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Sunshine Technologies actively guaranteed the supply of infrared sensors for forehead thermometers across the country, especially prioritizing the supply of sensors for key epidemic areas in Hubei and government allocation orders the number of forehead thermometer sensors allocated exceeded 2 million. The Sunshine received awards and thanks from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the Hubei Provincial Headquarters for the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic, and the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission. The Sunshine Technologies’ CMOS-MEMS high-precision infrared forehead thermometer sensors can play a major role in material protection during the epidemic. It is inseparable from the high-precision measurement, good reliability and consistency of its products, and the above technologies. The index is precisely the key technical requirement and the goal pursued by infrared sensors in the industry. Sunshine Technologies has finally gained recognition from customers and the market through its own continuous innovation of the key technologies.

      The Sunshine Technologies will take the development of "Thermopile Infrared Chinese Core" as its mission, and strive to become a leading domestic and world-class provider of MEMS Thermopile Infrared Sensors, and become a global leader in the MEMS thermopile infrared sensor industry, achieving a smart and better life through infrared sensing.

    Post time: Dec-01-2020