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  • Leading Group of Caohejing Technology Development Zone in Xuhui District Visits Shanghai Sunshine Technologies Co.,Ltd.

    At 10:30 a.m. on September 9, 2022, a seven member leadership team led by Fang Yiner and Xue Ke paid a caring visit to Sunshine Technologies. Yu Junwei, the chief financial officer, expressed a warm welcome on behalf of all employees of Shanghai Sunshine Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Director Yu reported and explained the company's current business situation, development direction and future planning to the leaders. The leaders of Caohejing Fang Yiner spoke highly of Sunshine. Deputy Director Xue Ke of Caohejing also introduced policy services and other aspects, and explained in detail the relevant policies and enterprise support services that can be provided for operating the local enterprises, providing a support platform for the subsequent development of Sunshine.

    Director Yu introduced the company's products, corporate culture, etc. to the leading group of Caohejing, and the mission, vision and values of Sunshine as a key integrated circuit design enterprise encouraged by the state

    tu (1)

    tu (2)Introduction to enterprise development history and exhibition hall visit

    Engineer Zhang of the Technical Center introduced the use of various equipment in the laboratory to the leading group.

    tu (3)Laboratory visit and some equipment instructions

    Finally, the sunshine expressed heartfelt thanks for the visit of the leading group of Caohejing.

    Post time: Sep-22-2022