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  • Passionate Winter Olympics, The Sunshine Technologies warm guard!

    On July 31, 2015 Beijing time, in the voting session of the 128th plenary session of the International Olympic Committee, Beijing, China was officially elected as the host city of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The successful hosting of the Beijing Olympic Games not only added luster to the history of the Olympic movement, but also showed the world a vibrant national image.

    Facing the global COVID-19's influence and the spread of the world's variant strains, the epidemic prevention and control is still a major challenge for the Winter Olympic Games.

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    On January 23, 2022, with the entry of the first batch of "villagers" of the Winter Olympic Village, the venues, facilities and support institutions of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially entered the Winter Olympic Games time state and implemented the "big closed-loop" management. In Zhangjiakou Chongli competition area, everything is ready on the snow field. The infrared array fusion temperature measurement module YY-M32A, the core component of Shanghai Sunshine Technologies Co., Ltd. is applied to the integrated thermal imaging temperature measurement machine and the human certificate verification terminal equipment to ensure the temperature monitoring of the passing personnel in the competition area and help escort the epidemic prevention.

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    YY-M32A infrared temperature array sensor module is based on the thermal image and temperature measurement application of 32 grid infrared sensor. The infrared temperature measurement module has the characteristics of non-contact, adjustable distance and rapid correspondence. The module consists of 32A infrared thermal image module and "YY-S GUARD" host monitoring background. The module can work independently to complete the field thermal image and temperature monitoring, and can be separated from the embedded system interface. It can be said to be the leader in the series of small array products of infrared thermal imager.

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    The thermal image module is the core component of the kit. Communicate with the outside world through FPC-15 or 2.0-10 double row plug-in man-machine interface, with diversified output and high response.

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    The infrared temperature measurement sensor products independently developed by Sunshine have been awarded "China core" by the Ministry of industry and information technology for two consecutive years; It was awarded the title of "the third batch of specialized and special new little giants at the national level" by the Ministry of industry and information technology; Won the "cutting edge company of the year" in China's IC billboard.

    At present, the temperature sensors in the field of household appliances are mainly contact temperature sensors. Compared with the contact temperature sensor, the infrared thermopile sensor of Sunshine is a non-contact temperature sensor, which has the characteristics of non-contact, fast response and long-distance temperature measurement, and caters to the development trend of intelligent, low-carbon and environmental protection of traditional household appliances.

    The Sunshine adopts efficient infrared sensing microstructure design, which can greatly improve the "light heat electricity" conversion efficiency of thermopile microstructure. The conversion efficiency is one order of magnitude higher than that of similar foreign products, and the response rate reaches 210v / W; The ambient temperature detection accuracy of the product is more than 15 times higher than that of similar foreign products. The temperature measurement accuracy of 0.05 ℃ can be achieved when the temperature measurement accuracy is 100 ± 0.2%. At the same time, the inner circle and outer square thermopile microstructure independently designed by Sunshine ensures the reliability of thermal insulation microstructure, reduces the noise of the product, and the detection rate of the product reaches 2.1 × 108, significantly higher than similar foreign products.

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    The Sunshine has continuously improved product performance and optimized product functions, realized the iteration of infrared thermopile sensor from single point to array technology, and developed a series of sensor system products extending from sensor to high integration, which can continuously adapt to the emerging application terminals in medical and health, household appliances, smart home, consumer electronics, industrial control Optical communication and skin care technology have broad application prospects.

    Continuous dynamic temperature monitoring instead of single point measurement is the development trend

    "Continuous and dynamic monitoring of body temperature is a new understanding of health". Following the Minamata Convention on mercury, it is pointed out that the production, import and export of a series of mercury containing products will be banned by 2020. Continuous and dynamic monitoring of body temperature is the development trend in the future. Relying on mobile medicine, wearable devices, big data and precision medicine can more effectively protect human health.

    Monitoring the change of body temperature can help to indicate different conditions of the body, such as exercise consumption, fever, menstrual cycle, heart function, etc. the quasi digital infrared sensor of Yeying microelectronics has been applied to wearable and mobile communication devices. The temperature sensor continuously monitors the change of skin temperature all day, and the test speed is fast Accurate temperature measurement and other characteristics have become a powerful assistant for people's health management

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    Thanks to many successful experiences in temperature measurement, the escort of the Winter Olympics also contributed China's "core" strength to the epidemic prevention and temperature measurement guarantee of the event.

    The opening of the Winter Olympics coincides with the Chinese traditional new year, and the beginning of spring in the 24 solar terms adds Chinese temperament to the world event, and the Chinese "core" also creates a more warm security for this passionate meeting. Let's look forward to the coming of the Winter Olympics and fulfill our commitments.

    Post time: Jan-29-2022