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    Shanghai “Specialized, special and new”  was published in Shanghai at 14:17, May 25, 2022

    As the form of epidemic prevention and control continues to improve steadily, the “specialized, special and new” enterprises are pressing the fast forward button to resume work and production. With the support and help of governments at all levels, more and more “specialized, special and new” enterprises respond quickly and take multiple measures to accelerate the resumption of work and production on the basis of doing a good job in various epidemic prevention deployments.

    Shanghai Sunshine Technologies Co.,Ltd.

    The quasi digital infrared sensor developed by Shanghai Sunshine Technologies Co., Ltd.  a “specialized and special new” small giant enterprise, is used as a core component in electronic sentinel, digital sentinel, medical equipment and other body temperature monitoring places. Because of its small size, high reliability and 4-pin SMD package, the sensor can be used for ambient temperature compensation without ambient temperature calibration, and can quickly detect abnormal body temperature.

    Sunshine has developed an anti epidemic plan for home office work in accordance with the relevant guidelines of the Shanghai municipal government and the prevention and control requirements. During the period of Shanghai global static management, the micro infrared sensors that the company wants to send to customers are overstocked in the warehouse in Shanghai. In order to make every effort to ensure the supply of core components such as the “electronic sentry” of the domestic epidemic prevention All-in-one equipment, no amount of difficulties can stop Sunshine microelectronics from working hard for scientific and technological epidemic prevention. Many things remain unchanged at home and in office. Sunshine microelectronics’ employees go all out to find solutions for all kinds of difficulties, and try to make the products developed by the company play their role in guarding the “Shanghai” homeland.

    In terms of R & D, in order to meet the urgent requirements of Hikvision and other major domestic electronic sentinel manufacturers’ projects, in order to fulfill the customer’s trust to complete the product design and delivery on time, the R & D personnel of Sunshine kept their home office lines intact. Through many online design scheme meetings, the company’s departments actively cooperated to complete the supporting design of dozens of electronic sentinels on time.

    In terms of product delivery and supply chain guarantee, Sunshine microelectronics has strengthened the arrangement of all major suppliers and foundries for cooperation, and coordinated resources to the greatest extent. In the case that Shanghai logistics is completely prohibited from moving, we will try our best to assist the logistics promotion of downstream suppliers through transfer from other places. Sunshine microelectronics closely paid attention to the personnel dynamics and production situation of interested parties, made a thorough investigation on the supplier’s production capacity, inventory, raw materials, etc., contacted the agent factory to deliver the products to other warehouses, sampled and inspected the product qualification rate of the products in the warehouse by means of “remote cooperation + online guidance”, and then overcame various difficulties to deliver the qualified products to the customers, ensuring the delivery of many types of electronic sentinels.


    The river and sea are formed by trickling together, and the great virtue is formed by accumulating small kindness. Shanghai Zhaohui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhaohui pharmaceutical”), a “specialized and innovative” enterprise, adheres to the corporate mission of “your health, our commitment”. Wang Yan, Secretary of the Party branch and general manager of the company, led the employees of the enterprise to resolutely implement the government’s epidemic prevention and control policies and contribute their efforts to “Shanghai”.

    In order to ensure the basic drug needs of patients during the epidemic period, Zhaohui pharmaceutical timely issued a call to employees to “fight the epidemic, ensure supply and be responsible”, and immediately organized the resumption of work and production, and entered the first batch of white list of resumption of work and production at the municipal level. During the resumption of work and production, the management personnel at all levels of the company bravely took the lead and rushed to the front line. All employees worked together in the same boat and united as one. They rushed to catch up with the output, ensure the quality and improve the progress day and night.

    The sudden sealing control caused the shortage of raw materials and personnel, which became one of the severe challenges for enterprises to return to work and production. “Due to the closure control, only more than 80 employees were assigned to the company for the first batch of resumption of work, which was seriously understaffed. The original output of two shifts can only be completed by employees of one shift. The work time is long and the work task is heavy, but everyone can understand that, gritting their teeth and persisting!” Some employees spoke out.

    In the process of returning to work, we will encounter many difficulties and challenges, such as the shortage of various materials to varying degrees, the relatively difficult living areas and conditions, the difficulty in material transportation, the lack of sleep of employees, and so on. However, all employees are still optimistic and actively stick to the front line, regardless of conditions, regardless of gains and losses, work together to overcome difficulties, and successfully complete various tasks.

    Since the resumption of work and production on April 18, Zhaohui pharmaceutical has completed the production of about 90million pieces of products and shipped nearly 7000 pieces; These include furosemide tablets, perphenazine tablets, bicalutamide tablets and other essential drugs used by the people for a long time, as well as centralized procurement and guaranteed supply products, which provide an effective guarantee for the medication of patients at this stage.


    At the beginning of the resumption of work, there was a shortage of materials and poor logistics. However, in order to protect the health of on-site employees, the company actively explored various supply chain channels, purchased and distributed a large number of fruits, milk, snacks and other living and epidemic prevention materials, so that the hearts of employees were warm. The senior executives who have been put back to work have also gone down to the front line to carry out the sub packaging and distribution of materials with the administrative and logistics personnel, actively listen to the opinions of employees, effectively coordinate the kitchen, and ensure the balance of employees’ diet, nutrition and taste


    The company always pays attention to the living conditions of its employees. In order to enrich their leisure time and keep them in a happy mood and healthy state, the company has also prepared game props such as rope skipping, table tennis, pot throwing, sandbags, and bead walking for employees to entertain and decompress after work and on rest days. On the basis of doing a good job in personal protection, the employees have “moved” one after another, adding a different color to the relatively boring isolation life.

    Since the epidemic spread in March, Zhaohui pharmaceutical has donated 1200 sets of epidemic prevention clothes, 2200 N95 masks, 1200 protective masks, 2400 protective shoe covers, 2400 gloves, 480 bottles of hand disinfection gel and other epidemic prevention materials to all temporary isolation points, shelters and communities in Baoshan District. Donated 18000 masks, 5000 medical gloves, 1000 protective masks, 288 bags of disinfectant wipes, 1100 boxes of milk and drinks to the people’s Government of Luodian town; Donated 2 tons of vegetables and fruits to Luodian Town Industrial Company. Donated 12000 masks, 50 boxes of fruits, 1200 boxes of instant noodles, 200 boxes of bread and biscuits, 600 boxes of milk and other anti epidemic materials to Shanghai University.

    Post time: May-30-2022