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  • Xiamen Yeying builds ultra-small infrared thermopile sensor to help mobile phones realize temperature measurement function

    Since the outbreak of the epidemic in early 2020, non-contact infrared body temperature monitoring equipment has been used as a preliminary screening method for epidemic prevention and control. The market demand has surged in a short period of time, driving the market demand for key components of infrared thermopile sensors to rise simultaneously, and even the supply is in short supply.

    At that time, Xiamen Yeying overcame many difficulties and provided nearly 3 million sensors for non-contact temperature measurement equipment manufacturers in 13 provinces and cities across the country, avoiding the passive situation of no "core" available for downstream manufacturers, and helping to prevent and control the epidemic. Production.

    As the epidemic prevention and control enters the normalization stage, the market's demand for temperature measurement has penetrated into our daily travel. There is an increasing demand for small, portable, accurate, fast reading, and low-cost temperature measurement equipment.

    As a leading domestic manufacturer of MEMS infrared thermopile sensors, Xiamen Yeying has also carried out technological innovations in response to different market application needs, and gradually expanded from temperature measurement gun products in the medical market to mobile phones, kitchen appliances, small appliances, smart terminals and Non-medical markets such as wearable products.

    Innovative design to create product advantages

    Wearable devices such as mobile phones and smart watches are one of Xiamen Yeying’s key breakthrough product areas. By integrating infrared temperature measurement sensors into mobile phones, smart watches and other products, the above products can be equipped with temperature measurement functions and further enrich mobile phones and smart watches. Application scenarios of watches and other products.

    It is worth mentioning that because consumer electronics products such as mobile phones and smart watches have extremely high requirements on component size, power consumption, and application interfaces, component sizes must be light and thin, easy to integrate, and easy to use before they can be adopted.

    Based on CMOS-MEMS technology, the Xiamen Yeying project team designed and developed a substrate infrared thermopile sensor. Compared with the thermopile infrared sensor packaged in a TO metal shell, its size is greatly reduced. At the same time, the company changed the sensor plug-in welding to an automatic meter. It is more suitable for the requirements of the intelligent electronic system for the light and thin electronic components.


    According to reports, Xiamen Yeying’s current product model for mobile phones and wearable devices is STP10DB51G2. This product is a digital infrared temperature sensor that has the advantages of non-contact, small size, low cost, and strong stability, while minimizing The peripheral circuit requirements and calibration requirements of the infrared thermopile sensor are discussed.

    Based on infrared thermopile technology and ultra-low noise analog front end (AFE) signal chain technology, STP10DB51G2 integrates ASICAFE analog output, and the temperature measurement resolution accuracy can reach 0.01°C, which is convenient for electronic system integration applications; integrated digital temperature sensor for ambient temperature Compensation, no need for ambient temperature calibration; LGA package, small size, high reliability, fully compatible with consumer electronics production and assembly processes; short temperature measurement time, <100ms, non-inductive measurement of core body temperature.

    Xiamen Yeying provides simultaneous infrared temperature measurement algorithm support on the basis of sensors, and provides Turnkey services through the "software + hardware" supporting method, which can greatly speed up customer integration development.

    Cooperate with many well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturers

    In fact, health management has become a rigid demand of consumer electronics. The integrated infrared body temperature detection function of mobile phones can realize the health detection of the body in different scenarios, such as daily self-health detection, body loss detection in sports scenes, and continuous body temperature monitoring. Predict chronic diseases in advance and so on.

    In addition to body temperature detection, infrared non-contact temperature measurement can also enrich the application scenarios of mobile phones, visualize the temperature perception, and detect the temperature of surrounding objects at any time, such as beverage temperature detection, food temperature detection, and abnormal heat sources. Detection.

    Because the above-mentioned temperature measurement method is non-contact type, the measurement process is simple and fast. At present, there are already some consumer electronics such as mobile phones and wearable devices on the market that can realize the function of non-contact temperature measurement, that is, add an infrared sensor to the rear camera module to measure temperature by receiving infrared radiation, and then realize the temperature measurement function .

    As the epidemic continues to spread, body temperature monitoring is gradually becoming normal, and infrared sensors are expected to become the standard configuration of smart phones and wearable devices.

    It is understood that in June 2020, Honor released the world's first infrared temperature measurement 5G mobile phone, integrating the infrared temperature measurement module into the face recognition module of security monitoring, etc., to achieve a high degree of integration of functions, under the innovative leadership of industry benchmark companies , Mobile phone manufacturers in the industry have developed models with integrated temperature measurement function, and Xiamen Yeying has also been at the forefront of the market.

    At present, Xiamen Yeying’s STP10DB51G2 sensor has cooperated with a number of well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturers. One mobile phone manufacturer has reached mass production, and two mobile phone manufacturers have completed prototype verification. Follow-up will continue to cooperate with other manufacturers and will be officially launched soon. Smart phones, handheld smart terminals, wearable devices and other products with infrared temperature measurement function.


    As the core component of non-contact body temperature monitoring equipment, Xiamen Yeying’s infrared thermopile sensor has been widely used in the field of medical temperature measurement.

    In order to continue to consolidate its advantages in the field of medical temperature measurement, Xiamen Yeying will continue to improve the accuracy of infrared temperature measurement, and it can obtain better body temperature detection accuracy in various complex application scenarios, so as to achieve infrared temperature measurement at the hospital level. The popularity of body temperature testing. At present, the company has launched an infrared temperature sensor that is resistant to electromagnetic interference and thermal shock in response to the new requirements of medical safety regulations and resistance to thermal shock in application scenarios.

    At the same time, Yeying also actively integrates the infrared temperature measurement function with daily life, and realizes a smart and beautiful life through infrared sensor perception. At present, Yeying has taken the lead in achieving breakthroughs in the application of infrared sensors in home appliances, mobile phones, consumer electronics and other products, and related products have begun to be applied in batches.

    Relying on its independent CMOS-MEMS technology, Yeying’s R&D team has achieved full technology chain coverage from material technology, chip design, sensor packaging, and sensor applications. In the follow-up, Yeying will also upgrade the infrared temperature sensor to digital, miniaturization, and systemization, and provide customers with Turnkey solutions to create a "Chinese core" with temperature.


    Post time: Jan-06-2022