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  • sunshine technologies: The Breakthrough of Domestic Sensors

    In the era of the Internet of Everything, the development of smart sensor technology is very important, such as range hoods to achieve "smoke sense wind follow", gas stoves to achieve "smoke stove linkage", air conditioners to achieve "wind follows people", etc.

    To be supported by sensor technology. However, due to the complexity of the design and the late start of domestic manufacturers, from the current global competitive landscape, infrared sensor manufacturers are dominated by the United States, Germany and Japan. In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic infrared technology and micro-nano technology,

    Development, this situation was gradually broken. Sensor companies represented by Shanghai Sunshine Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as sunshine technologies) have achieved domestic technological breakthroughs by relying on core technologies and processes mastered in key links such as MEMS chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, and In this industry that was once monopolized by foreign brands, it quickly opened up the market and accelerated the localization of MEMS infrared thermopile sensors.

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    Breaking foreign monopolies, brand influence continues to increase

    Sunshine technologies was established in 2016, focusing on the R&D, design and sales of MEMS infrared thermopile sensors. It is a provider of professional infrared sensors and technical solutions and a leading MEMS infrared thermopile sensor company in China.

    As an important branch of infrared sensors, MEMS infrared thermopile sensors are used in dynamic and static infrared sensing scenarios. Through high integration with electronic systems, they are constantly adapting to new emerging application terminals. They have a wide range of application scenarios in home appliances, security, medical and other fields. .

    Since the development of the first product, sunshine technologies has continuously improved product performance and optimized product functions, realized the iteration of infrared thermopile sensors from single point to array technology, and developed a series of sensor systems that extend from sensors to high integration. , Covering application scenarios in many fields from medical and health to smart home, industrial control and security. The reporter of "Electrical Appliances" learned that, currently, the products developed by sunshine technologies mainly include MEMS infrared thermopile sensor chips, MEMS infrared thermopile sensors, and MEMS small infrared thermopile sensing systems.Product features, technical principles and application fields.The scene is shown in Table 1.

    MEMS infrared thermopile sensor chip

    The company's MEMS infrared thermopile sensor chip is the core component of the company's MEMS infrared thermopile sensor, mainly including single-point chips and array chips.

    The structure of the single-point sensor chip mainly includes a hot area and a cold area. The infrared absorption area in the hot area absorbs the external infrared radiation, converts it into heat, and causes temperature changes; the cold area is located on the silicon substrate and is consistent with the temperature of the environment, so that the A temperature difference is formed between the hot area and the cold area, and the temperature difference is converted into a voltage output through the Seebeck effect of the thermoelectric material, realizing two-level conversion of "light-thermal-electricity".

    The array sensor chip arranges the unit thermopile structure in an array, which can realize the spatial infrared resolution detection, and further expand the application scope of the MEMS infrared thermopile sensor.

    The application scenarios of single-point sensor chips include forehead thermometers, ear thermometers, industrial thermometers, mobile phones, smart wear, and smart homes.

    The application scenarios of array sensor chips include smart home, security monitoring, and industrial control.


    MEMS infrared thermopile sensor

    The company's MEMS infrared thermopile sensors are mainly composed of infrared thermopile sensor chips and packages such as sockets, caps, thermistors and filters.


    MEMS Small Infrared Thermopile Sensing System

    The company's MEMS small infrared thermopile sensing system is composed of infrared thermopile sensors, PCB boards, connectors, and electronic components.

    At present, temperature sensors in the field of home appliances are mainly contact temperature sensors. Compared with the contact temperature sensor, the infrared thermopile sensor of sunshine technologies is a non-contact temperature sensor, which has the characteristics of non-contact, fast response, and long-distance temperature measurement. It caters to the intelligent, low-carbon and environmental protection of traditional home appliances. development trend.

    It is reported thatsunshine technologies adopts high-efficiency infrared sensor microstructure design, which can greatly improve the "light-thermo-electric" conversion efficiency of thermopile microstructure, which is an order of magnitude higher than that of similar foreign products, and the response rate reaches 210V/W The accuracy of product environmental temperature detection is 15 times higher than that of similar foreign products, and the temperature measurement accuracy is 100±0.2%, and the temperature measurement accuracy of 0.05 ℃ can be achieved. At the same time, the inner circle and outer square thermopile microstructure independently designed by sunshine technologies ensures the reliability of the thermal insulation microstructure and reduces the noise of the product. The product detection rate reaches 2.1×108, which is greatly improved compared with similar foreign products. In terms of compatibility, sunshine technologies has creatively applied CMOS technology to the production of MEMS infrared thermopile products. By solving the technical problems of the fine production of thermal insulation structures and the design of CMOSMEMS compatible infrared sensitive structures, it is a MEMS infrared thermoelectric technology. Stack products provide better performance. At the same time, the large-scale production system of the CMOS factory can greatly improve product production efficiency while reducing product costs.

    Based on this, sunshine technologies has taken into account performance and cost while improving product integration, and can continuously adapt to new emerging application terminals. It has broad applications in the fields of medical and health, security monitoring, smart home, consumer electronics, industrial control, etc. Prospects, it has entered the supply chain system of major manufacturers in the Yuyue Medical, Lepu Medical, Yunmi and other industries, breaking the long-term market monopoly of foreign manufacturers. And as the demand for downstream applications continues to be strong, the company seized the opportunity of domestic substitution and quickly opened the market.

    With years of technical accumulation and experience accumulation, Yeying's product line continues to expand, downstream application areas continue to expand, and sunshine technologies' market share and brand influence continue to increase.

    Facilitate the intelligent upgrade of home appliances and further expand the application scale in the field of home appliances

    At present, the products developed by sunshine technologies have been applied to a variety of home appliances, and it has established a cooperative relationship with Zhongduo domestic first-line home appliance brands. With the intelligent upgrade of traditional home appliances, it adopts the intelligent oil absorption of sunshine technologies thermopile infrared sensor. Hood products are also on the market, and more smart home appliances equipped with the company's thermopile infrared sensors will also be available soon.

    Through the non-contact infrared sensor products of sunshine technologies, the range hood can realize infrared AI switch, monitor the temperature change of the stove through the air temperature measurement, and achieve non-contact switch control and wind speed control; automatically control the work of the stripper, Realize the effect of "smoke stove linkage" and prevent "dry burning".

    Traditional microwave ovens estimate the time to heat the food, and cannot accurately judge and control the firepower and time required for the food. The non-contact infrared sensor of sunshine technologies can realize non-contact temperature measurement, which can effectively solve the temperature measurement problem of cooking food, the temperature control accuracy is more accurate, and the cooking effect of the microwave oven can be further improved.

    In addition, kitchen appliances such as electric kettles and rice cookers generally require real-time monitoring of the pot body temperature. Compared with the traditional contact temperature measurement mode after opening the face, the product of sunshine technologies can perform non-contact infrared temperature measurement of the pot body temperature from a long distance.

    Next, sunshine technologies will continue to expand the application range of its products in the field of home appliances. According to the person in charge of sunshine technologies, in the next stage, the thermopile infrared sensor products of sunshine technologies will be further upgraded in terms of temperature measurement accuracy, temperature measurement distance, and temperature measurement area array. Kitchen appliances are further extended to home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners. On the one hand, the intelligent technology of sensors promotes the intelligent development of traditional home appliances. On the other hand, accurate temperature measurement is used to improve the electrical control efficiency of home appliances and reduce the energy consumption of home appliances. Low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

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